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Consulting and Implementation 

Consulting is more than knowledge transfer, IQ Solutions consulting services focus on identifying professional and creative solutions for implementing AQMS requirements in a way that will ensure real implementation of the requirements over time taking into account the organization's culture, needs and resources available. 

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Implementation of quality management standards in the aviation and defense industries

The aerospace and defense industry has undergone many changes in recent years in terms of meeting uniform quality standards.

The implementation of the AS9100 quality management standard has become a necessity for any company that supplies products to companies such as IAI, Rafael, Elbit, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Boeing.

The company's consultants will accompany you through the entire certification process to the standard, from the characterization phase through implementation to receipt of the certificate.

  • Implementation of quality management systems against the requirements of the AS9100D standard for organizations engaged in the development, production and service of the aviation and defense industries

  • Certification of quality systems for distributors against the requirements of the AS9120B standard

  • Implementation of the AS9115 for organizations that develop software provided as a product

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Implementation of Industry Standard and methods

The International Quality Group of the Aerospace and Defense Industries (IAQG) defines guiding standards for implementation in various fields that constitute a comprehensive framework of methods and requirements that ensure the quality and safety of the products supplied to the industry's supply chain.

  • AS9145 - APQP defines a framework for advanced product quality planning. The standard provides a framework for implementing a series of additional tools designed to ensure effective design of a manufacturing process. Recently, many organizations including AIRBUS and BOIENG are incorporating a requirement to meet the above standard in their orders.

  • AS9146 -FOD A standard that defines requirements for a comprehensive program to prevent the intrusion of foreign entities into the product and supply chain in the aviation and defense industries

  • AS5553, AS6174, AS6832 A series of standards dealing with counterfeiting (hards, materials, and electronic components) Recently, there has been a growing demand from many customers to implement a counterfeiting prevention program in the supply chain.

  • AS13000, AS13002, AS13004, AS13006 A series of standards defined by a group of aircraft engine manufacturers (companies such as GE, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royse, MTU) that define requirements in a variety of areas ranging from 8D fault research through failure characteristic and impact management (FMEA) to methods For control of production processes.

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Aviation Regulation

Accompanying organizations in licensing processes with local and international aviation authorities:


  • CERTIFICATE- STC) of aircraft manufactured in Israel according to requirements 23/25 FAA PART with the Israeli Aviation Authority (CAAI / RTA), FAA, EASA and other foreign authorities

  • Accompanying the REPAIR STATION CERTIFICATION in accordance with FAA PART 145 requirements

  • Accompanying licensing processes of aeronautical items with RTA (aeronautical item approval - APA), (TECHNICAL STANDARD ORDER-FAA) TSO, ETSO (EASA)

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